Fiserv North American HQ

Fiserv Solar Project

Fiserv North American HQ Solar Project

Location: Alpharetta, GA
Customer: Fiserv
Project Name: Rooftop solar energy system


When Fiserv consolidated its southeast operations to Alpharetta, GA, it acquired an existing office complex previously occupied by a large telecom firm. Although the campus appeared to be move-in ready, Fiserv invested in a campus-wide remodel and construction effort demonstrating the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Part of the eco-friendly design included a commercial rooftop solar energy system engineered to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and offset a portion of the company’s energy consumption. The energy produced by the 47kW array is consumed entirely onsite, enough to offset almost 80,000 of CO2 and effectively lowered the company’s ongoing energy expense for the 25-year life span of its solar energy system.

Fiserv was also equipped with our patented PowerEnfo smart grid software to measure energy use in real –time, aggregate energy data to identify trends, avert unseen performance problems, and verify the forecasted energy savings.

Project Goals
  • Five-year or less Return on Investment
  • Reduce energy expense
  • Demonstrate sustainability commitment
  • Increase employee awareness and encourage participation in sustainability
  • Reduce carbon footprint
Project Stats
  • 47 kW System Size
  • 4 Years ROI Payback Period
  • 58,800 Annual Energy Savings
  • 42% CO2 Reduction
  • 1,579 Light bulbs Lit For A Year
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