• Solar Energy Systems (EPC)

    Velo Solar designs and builds turnkey solar and energy storage systems across the U.S. with a strategic focus on the Southeast.
  • Operations & Maintenance

    Velo Solor optimizes the performance of solar energy systems for clients ensuring warranty compliance and operational excellence.
  • Energy Storage

    The sun only shines during the day (well except the Arctic summer) but with a custom, energy storage system you can harness the power of your solar system day or night. Also, create peace-of-mind in the case of a power outage by integrating energy storage with your solar array.
  • PowerEnfo™ Software

    Proprietary Energy Monitoring: simplified energy monitoring combined with system performance & health information.
  • Home Microgrids

    Velo has over a decade of experience designing custom home microgrid systems to provide continuous clean energy to your home, when you need it.