JE Dunn

JE Dunn solar project

JE Dunn Solar Project JE Dunn Solar Project JE Dunn Solar Project

Location: Need Location
Customer: JE Dunn
Project Name: Rooftop solar


JE Dunn’s solar project presents a unique application for rooftop solar. First, the panels are mounted on a ground-mount racking system, even though they are located on a roof, so the profile of the panels is taller. This allows the two arrays, faced east and west, to create a visual barrier to the rooftop HVAC units.

Project Scope: Velo Solar provided full design, engineering, procurement and construction of the of the solar PV rooftop array; project management, administration and quality management; operations and maintenance, and ongoing energy monitoring.

When renovating our new corporate headquarters to a LEED Gold standard, we were looking for a qualified solar partner to fulfill our unique site requirements. We found that partner in Velo Solar, and together, executed a creative design that not only provides energy savings for the building, but simultaneously meets our architectural goals for the renovation. – Dan Kaufman, Regional President, JE Dunn Construction

Project Goals
  • Less than five-year Return on Investment
  • Reduce Energy Expense
  • Demonstrate sustainability commitment
  • Earn LEED points
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Shield rooftop HVAC units
Project Stats
  • 48 kW System Size
  • 4 Years ROI Payback Period
  • 10% Annual Energy Savings
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