Introduction to Solar EPC 2.0

Velo’s Design-Build-EPC Approach: Turnkey and Flexible


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Design-build-EPC is the evolution of EPC – it’s EPC 2.0 and it marries the best parts of EPC with the best parts of the design-bid-build approach. Here’s how.

First, design-build uses the same basic framework as the original EPC model. You have one contract with a single company that’s in charge of the engineering, procurement, and construction of your solar project. It’s 100% turnkey so you’ll always know exactly who to call with your questions or concerns.

The other critical aspect of EPC 2.0 is that it eliminates the rigidity of the EPC process by integrating the flexibility and customization inherent with design-bid-build.

The Future Will Demand Flexibility

No matter your solar project timeline, Velo’s integrated design-build-epc approach will deliver the solar plant you need on your terms. As technologies evolve, it will be even more crucial that you work with a solar provider that’s collaborative – and that’s the very heart of Velo’s design-build approach.

When you work with Velo Solar, you’ll be working with our employees, not subcontractors. From the site survey, design, and engineering of your solar system to its financing, construction, and final commissioning, our cross-functional teams collaborate with you and with each other during every phase of the project.

How can we help you determine if solar is right for you?

Review Our Design-Build Commercial Solar Services

  • Site survey
  • Evaluation of current energy usage
  • Solar plant structural design
  • Project engineering and construction, including the management of all permitting and coordination with your utility
  • Procurement of all solar and energy storage equipment
  • System testing and generation measurements
  • Reporting with our proprietary POWERENFO technology
  • Annual inspection and preventative maintenance of your solar plant

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Drawback of Design-Bid-Build


You could opt for the more piecemeal design-bid-build approach where you become your own general contractor, buying the services you want when you want them. But this is an incredibly time-consuming process and since there’s very little collaboration between your vendors, you could wind up with a solar system that doesn’t fully meet your needs.

Do you really want to invest the time and effort into finding and contracting with the right vendor for each component of your solar project, and then personally manage everything from structural design to final commissioning?

Probably not – you already have a full-time job running your business. What if you could get the best of both worlds?

Shortcoming of Traditional EPC

Turnkey But Not Flexible

The EPC approach makes solar easy for you as the customer because it’s turnkey. You hire a single company to engineer your solar system, procure the elements needed to build that system, and then construct the solar system at your location.

If you have a question or there’s an issue while your solar PV plant is being installed, you know immediately who to call – and it’s their responsibility to resolve the issue, not yours.

The downside to EPC is that it’s not very flexible.

Often, with an EPC solar company, every customer gets the same package of services. That package typically includes a simple design and construction of your solar system – but the key is that you can’t get just a piece of the package, you have to take it all.

If you’re not ready to go all-in with solar, this one-size-fits-all mentality may not be a great fit for you.

Benefits of Solar Design-Build-EPC

The Superior Approach to Commercial Solar

Velo is the premier design-build-epc solar company in the Southeast US. Our unique approach allows us to customize our offering to better fit the needs of our customers.

Velo’s approach to commercial solar projects establishes a long-term relationship with our customers. We partner with you wherever you are on the path to solar energy integration – and because of that we can analyze, engineer, design, install, and maintain a solar system that perfectly fits your needs and your timeline.

Whether you need the whole package today or just want to take the first step now and the second in six months, we can provide the services you need when you need them:

  • If you want to have a feasibility study done to determine if a solar energy system makes logistical and financial sense for your business, we can do that.
  • If you only want to know if your roof is suitable for a solar PV plant, our experts can conduct a site survey and make that determination.
  • If you have sustainability goals you want to meet, together we can explore how solar power might help you accomplish those goals.
  • If you want a 100% turnkey solar system installed with solar panels, battery storage, electric vehicle charging, and the complete range of support we offer from start to finish, we can do that too!
  • If you already have solar and you want to expand or repower your system.

EPC 2.0 is an approach to commercial solar that meets you where you are today and allows you to plan for the future.

Solar EPC 2.0

A Long-Term Partnership Between Velo and the Customer

When we say we want a long-term relationship with you, we mean it. The team at Velo are solutions architects bringing decades of engineering, design, construction, software, energy storage and system optimization expertise together for our clients. Solar is a long-term investment, with most plants lasting thirty years or more. We want to ensure that every solar system we design and build works smoothly for decades to come. That’s why we also offer ongoing maintenance services.

While solar systems are typically low-maintenance, regular inspections are recommended to make sure that your system delivers peak performance and the highest return on investment possible.

Each year, our technicians conduct a thorough check of your entire system including the solar panels, the racking and mounting infrastructure, the electrical system and wiring components, the inverter, and the components of your battery storage system. We’ll even let you know if your system’s energy production is being reduced by overgrown vegetation shading the panels.


what people say

Velo Solar provided us with a professional, well-executed, turnkey solar energy solution. Any issues that came up were handled directly and rapidly. I would not hesitate to recommend Velo to anyone considering a large scale solar installation.

Greg MorinCEO, Seachem Laboratories Inc.

Velo Solar was an easy choice for the job, bringing both financial and engineering expertise to the project along with highly competitive pricing.

Tilo FruthPresident, BEKO Technologies GmbH

Velo Solar was good to work with and delivered a great product on time and on budget. We are happy with both of our Solar systems and look forward to working with Velo Solar in the future.

Michael Offer General Manager, J. C. Lewis Ford

Through our Cox Conserves program, Cox Enterprises has an aggressive, but attainable goal to become carbon neutral by 2044. Technology will play a huge role in us reaching this important milestone. Empower’s Energy Dashboard helps our site managers take action when it’s needed to deliver on our environmental commitment and helps employees see the beneficial effects of our renewable assets.

Steven Bradley Vice President of Clean Tech

When renovating our new corporate headquarters to a LEED Gold standard, we were looking for a qualified solar partner to fulfill our unique site requirements. We found that partner in Velo Solar, and together executed a creative design that not only provides energy savings for the building but simultaneously meets our architectural goals for the renovation.

Dan Kaufman Regional President, JE Dunn Construction