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Velo Solar’s PowerEnfo is the new home for your company’s energy data!

Are you aware of how your facility and its systems consume energy? According to Phoenix Energy, “The nation’s small businesses spend over $60 billion annually on energy. Utility costs are one of the top five operating expenses for most enterprises.”

$100 billion is spent on wasted energy in the United States each year according to the Department of Energy.

$100 billion

wasted energy in the
United States per year

PowerEnfo is your VIRTUAL energy manager:

Most businesses can’t afford a full time energy manager, or a sophisticated monitoring system to understand their current energy use and expenditures. Yet energy costs are likely one of the biggest line items in your budget. You’ve probably heard that renewable energy can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

But will integrating solar into your energy mix really benefit your business?

Is your energy savings potential hidden in the numbers?

The first step in understanding how solar can help your bottom line is to understand the current state of your energy profile. Before you invest in a renewable energy system, let us help you see how you’re using energy today so we can get you the biggest return on your renewable investment.

We believe energy management should be simple, so we developed PowerEnfo!

Putting you in control of your energy data:

PowerEnfo is a proprietary, state-of-the-art energy monitoring system that puts you in control of your own energy data. It provides real-time energy monitoring and renewable energy system health at a module level, all accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. No longer do you have to wait minutes, hours or days for a utility or analog meter to transmit data, or pay the utility for access to your historical system data.

Seamless integration across devices…

Our solar monitoring software seamlessly integrates with our solar systems. The system pulls and tracks real-time system data from monitoring sensors at a module level, even allowing for remote troubleshooting. It’s not just a solar monitor, but also tracks battery storage devices, measuring energy production, usage, and surplus.

Unlocking your solar system’s value:

Armed with this information, you can see how well your commercial solar system is powering your business and impacting your company’s financial performance.

Automated solar monitoring

With PowerEnfo you can schedule automatic reports, generate interactive charts, create a virtual site map, and share monitoring capabilities with multiple people inside your organization, or system owners outside.

From data to actionable insights:

PowerEnfo’s cloud-based technology transforms your energy information into actionable data insights and allows Velo to design the right custom solar energy and battery storage solution for your business.  Are the power optimizers on your system truly optimizing? Our solar monitoring goes beyond data collection to help your organization make better decisions through more accurate and accessible data.

Here’s how PowerEnfo monitors your solar system:

  • Provides granular data at the load level in one minute intervals
  • Utility Independent – you own your own data, not the energy companies
  • Commodity Agnostic – collect measurement data on anything with a flow
  • Real-time feedback and immediate fault detection at the solar panel to provide instant and automatic alerts for actionable responses
  • Simple graphic interface visualizes easy to understand data in a dashboard
  • Create customizable reports with the information you need
  • Gamification allows you to compare site to site at the system level
  • Socialization allows you to let people know how you’re doing

Track the performance of your solar panels

With PowerEnfo, you have easy access to user-friendly energy data that’s customized to show you what’s most important to your operations. Our easy-to-read automatic reports let you see how much energy your solar panels are making and how much you’re using.

Better Data = Better Reports

You can export reports that are ready to share, so your management team can make informed decisions about your energy use. This ensures you’re maximizing the value of your investment, engaging your stakeholders and informing your employees.

With PowerEnfo, you can also compare the data from our monitoring platform with the information from your utility to confirm your bills are accurate.


of energy produced in the United States is wasted.

Track and Sell Solar Energy

PowerEnfo is a fully contained solution for monitoring, managing and billing your energy assets, which makes it ideal for Independent Power Producers (IPP). For a fraction of the cost of other systems, you can monitor your renewable energy asset’s health and simplify the billing process for your Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) customers. From automated use and production reports, to bill verification and Quickbooks integrated billing, our solution has all the features of premium solutions from other solar companies, but at a much lower cost.

Up 30%

of energy used in buildings is wasted!

Track Environmental Resources

Does your company’s sustainability program include tracking of other environmental resources like water or fuel? More than just solar monitoring, PowerEnfo is commodity agnostic which means you can monitor systems regardless of the resource. If it can be measured, the PowerEnfo monitoring platform can track it and turn the raw data into actionable insights.


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