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We recognize that solar isn’t one-size-fits-all but we do believe renewable energy will power ALL businesses in the future. Let us help you join the clean energy future today.


Solar systems can reduce your energy costs

The price of solar energy has dropped by more than 30% in the last 5 years because of market adoption, improvements in solar panel technologies and reduced material costs. At the same time, the price of drawing power from the grid continues to go up due, in part, to the rising costs of fossil fuels.

Rooftop solar panels can generate much, if not all, of the electricity your business needs, so a solar power system is a great way to reduce your company’s energy costs. If you’re generating your own power, that means you’re demanding less from the grid. Less demand, especially during peak hours when the utility rates are often higher, equals lower operating costs.

A commercial solar system that includes battery storage also allows you to bank any excess electricity generated by your array. If you have a 24-hour operation, that means you can power your operation with the excess solar energy you’ve generated yourself, even in the dead of night.


Commercial solar systems can make your business more resilient

Severe winter storms, a more intense hurricane season, and the fact that the nation’s power grid is in desperate need of an overhaul means that electricity outages are a fact of life. They can last for hours or for weeks and can be extremely costly for your business. Experts say that a single hour without power can cost a business upwards of $5 million. Extended outages can put the financial stability of your company at risk.

A solar power system is a great insurance plan for when there is an electricity outage. If you have a commercial solar installation combined with battery storage, you won’t have to shutter your operations until the power is restored, saving you money in lost business. You simply run on your batteries and commercial solar panels until the grid’s power is restored.

Financial Flexibility

The current solar tax credit makes commercial solar power even more affordable

The federal government is offering a tax credit to businesses that invest in commercial and industrial solar systems in the coming years. The current investment tax credit (ITC) allows you to claim 26% of the cost of a solar system started between 2020 and 2022 on your federal corporate income taxes. The amount of the credit decreases to 22% for a solar system started in 2023 and ultimately will be reduced to 10% for systems started in 2024 and beyond. The tax credit, along with the lower costs of installing solar energy systems makes investing in renewable energy for your business incredibly cost effective.

Solar System Financing Made Easy

At Velo Solar, our consultative approach takes your financial situation into account. Velo can provide a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SEPA) for some projects and has established relationship with strategic, renewable energy financing partners for any size project. If your budgeting and capital expenditure (CapEx) approach requires a phased approach to solar integration, we can lay out that plan. If you would prefer an Operating Expenditure (OpEx) approach, we have options for you from that standpoint as well. We have multiple options from Cash, to SEPA to lease-to-own to make solar accessible to all customers.


Carbon management

Corporates and governments are increasingly moving to reduce and eliminate carbon pollution from their operations and supply chains. Solar is one of most visible, cost-effective methods for reaching these goals.

Commercial Solar Systems Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All

In the commercial solar industry, there is a distinct tendency to take a one-size-fits all approach. That way the vendor sells a variety of pre-determined solar solutions packages in the hopes that one gets close enough to what you need. That’s not the Velo Solar approach.

We recognize that solar isn’t one-size-fits-all but we do believe renewable energy will power ALL businesses in the future. Let us help you join the clean energy future today.
Drone view of the solar panels installation at Manheim Chicago 2019

At Velo, we design custom commercial solar projects that meet our customers’ needs now and grow with them in the future. Our consultative, design-build take on solar electric systems means that we sit down with you to learn about what you do, how much energy you need and use, your goals, and your challenges. We design a renewable energy solution that puts your business goals at the center.

Our customers often have multiple facilities across multiple locations, so creating a solar energy strategy that works across your enterprise is a key part of what we do.

Our service extends beyond just the sales and installation – we’re in it for the long haul. PowerEnfo, our proprietary cloud-based energy monitoring and reporting system, allows us to monitor your solar system’s generation of energy in real-time, so we often know if there’s an issue before you do. Our technical support and maintenance team will quickly address any problems detected.

We’ll also keep an eye on how your facility is using energy in the new environment, so that when you’re ready to expand the system, or if your goals change, we can quickly meet your changing needs.


1. Design

Velo’s solar experts will evaluate how your business uses energy, your building’s configuration, your financial needs, and your sustainability goals to design the right system for you.

2. Engineering

Velo’s operational team will take your project from contract to completion managing all aspects of engineering, local building and electrical permitting and coordination with your utility to ensure a stress-free build.

3. Measure

Velo will inspect your system for proper installation and then work with your AHJ and Utility to conduct all necessary inspections and tests to ensure proper code compliance and system operation.

4. Report

Velo’s industry leading (O&M) team will take it from here and make sure that your system operates at peak performance.


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what people say

Velo Solar provided us with a professional, well-executed, turnkey solar energy solution. Any issues that came up were handled directly and rapidly. I would not hesitate to recommend Velo to anyone considering a large scale solar installation.

Greg MorinCEO, Seachem Laboratories Inc.

Velo Solar was an easy choice for the job, bringing both financial and engineering expertise to the project along with highly competitive pricing.

Tilo FruthPresident, BEKO Technologies GmbH

Velo Solar was good to work with and delivered a great product on time and on budget. We are happy with both of our Solar systems and look forward to working with Velo Solar in the future.

Michael Offer General Manager, J. C. Lewis Ford

Through our Cox Conserves program, Cox Enterprises has an aggressive, but attainable goal to become carbon neutral by 2044. Technology will play a huge role in us reaching this important milestone. Empower’s Energy Dashboard helps our site managers take action when it’s needed to deliver on our environmental commitment and helps employees see the beneficial effects of our renewable assets.

Steven Bradley Vice President of Clean Tech

When renovating our new corporate headquarters to a LEED Gold standard, we were looking for a qualified solar partner to fulfill our unique site requirements. We found that partner in Velo Solar, and together executed a creative design that not only provides energy savings for the building but simultaneously meets our architectural goals for the renovation.

Dan Kaufman Regional President, JE Dunn Construction