The benefits of a commercial solar installation

Commercial solar power can reduce your energy costs

The price of drawing power from the grid continues to go up due, in part, to the rising costs of fossil fuels. A solar panel array can help mitigate those costs.

Solar panels can generate much, if not all, of the electricity your business needs, so a solar energy system is a great way to reduce your company’s electric bill. If you’re generating your own power, that means you’re demanding less from your grid connection, especially during peak hours when the utility rates are often higher.

Commercial solar solutions that include battery storage are a smart investment because they allow you to bank any excess electricity generated by your array. If you have a 24-hour operation, that means you can power your business with the excess energy your system has already generated, even in the dead of night.

Commercial solar panels make forecasting costs easier

By using solar energy to reduce your demand for grid electricity, not only will you lower your operating expenses today, but you’ll have predictable electricity costs, no matter how high electricity rates climb. Solar allows you to control your grid energy usage, which in turn controls costs and simplifies expense forecasting.

Commercial solar systems can make your business more resilient

Severe winter storms, more intense hurricane seasons, and the fact that the nation’s power grid is in desperate need of an overhaul means that electricity outages are a fact of life. They can last for hours or for weeks and can be extremely costly for your business. Experts say that a single hour without power can cost a business upwards of $5 million. Extended outages can put the financial stability of your company at risk.

Solar plus storage is key to a resilient operation

In addition to lowering your energy bills, a commercial solar panel system is a great insurance plan for when there’s an electricity outage. When combined with battery storage, you’ll have the resilience you need to weather the storm without shuttering operations until the grid connection is restored. You simply run on your batteries and the energy you generate until the the power comes back on – this way, you won’t lose business.

The current solar tax credit makes commercial solar power even more affordable

The federal government is offering a tax credit to businesses that invest in commercial and industrial solar energy systems in the coming years.

The current investment tax credit (ITC) allows you to claim 26% of the cost of a commercial solar system started between 2020 and 2022 on your federal corporate income taxes. The amount of the credit decreases to 22% for a solar project started in 2023 and ultimately will be reduced to 10% for systems started in 2024 and beyond.

The tax credits, along with the lower costs of installing solar energy systems, makes investing in solar energy for your business incredibly cost effective.

Solar System Financing Made Easy

At Velo Solar, our consultative approach takes your financial situation into account and we offer a number of financing options to make your investment in solar electric easier.

Velo can provide a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SEPA) for some projects and has established relationship with strategic renewable energy financing partners for any size project.

If your budgeting and capital expenditure (CapEx) approach requires a phased approach to solar integration, we can lay out that plan. If you would prefer an Operating Expenditure (OpEx) approach, we have options for you from that standpoint as well.

We have multiple options from Cash, to SEPA to lease-to-own to make solar accessible to all customers.

Carbon management

Using solar energy to power your business is also a great way to reduce your carbon emissions. Corporations and governments are increasingly moving to reduce and eliminate carbon pollution from their operations and supply chains. Solar is one of most visible, cost-effective methods for reaching these goals.

We recognize that solar isn’t one-size-fits-all but we do believe renewable energy will power ALL businesses in the future. Let us help you join the clean energy future today.

Commercial solar energy solutions we provide:

At Velo solar, we custom design solar projects that best fit the needs of your company. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions and partner with you to provide technical support after the sale. Here are some of the commercial solar applications we offer:

  • Site analysis
  • Rooftop, ground mount, and carport solar power systems
  • Energy storage solutions to keep your operations running 24/7
  • Solar energy monitoring solutions to help you understand your energy use and improve your energy efficiency
  • System operations and maintenance solutions that include ongoing technical support and reduce maintenance costs

We provide commercial and industrial solar energy systems and technical support for a variety of industries:

  • Automotive

  • Cold storage / warehousing

  • Agriculture

  • Financial services

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

We are your commercial and industrial custom solar solutions provider

From site surveys, to design, installation, monitoring, and technical support, Velo partners with its customers to create solar energy systems to reduce utility bills, provide resilience, and reduce carbon emissions.

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