What is solar engineering and why is it important?

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What do solar engineers do?

A solar engineer is an expert in designing, planning, and building solar energy projects. Velo has a licensed, electrical, Professional Engineer on staff, and our Founder and President is also an electrical engineer both the Georgia Institute of Technology.

A great solar engineer will take the time to learn what your business does, how much energy you need and use, your energy goals, and your energy challenges.

Then, they use that information to figure out what equipment you need and the unique technology solutions to best provide your business with clean energy.

Commercial and industrial solar systems are different from residential systems

Let’s get one thing out of the way – a commercial solar system is not just a residential system on steroids. Solar projects for businesses require a completely different type of engineering expertise.

That’s why Velo’s engineers work so hard to understand your situation.

We know that a manufacturer will have different needs from a car dealership that’s looking for a green way to charge the electric vehicles on their lots.

C&I solar projects are not one-size-fits-all

Others in the solar business may try to sell you an off-the-shelf system that may or may not meet your needs.

Not Velo. We pride ourselves on creating custom rooftop, ground mount, and carport solar power systems for commercial and industrial businesses only.

That’s why our engineers take the time to get to know you. Once we understand your unique needs, goals, and challenges, we can design and deliver a solution that is cost-effective, delivers efficiency, and provides the clean electricity your business needs. We will also be there to ensure it will always operate through cloud-based monitoring and best-in-class Operations and Maintenance services.

And because we want to help you future-proof your business, any solution our engineers design will be poised to grow with you in the future.

At Velo Solar, our engineering-led team makes sure that your commercial solar system is planned, designed, and executed to maximize your return on investment.

Engineering is the foundation

The Velo Solar team has a background in energy management and we know just how critical good engineering is when it comes to the development and design of solar and energy storage projects.

A properly engineered, properly sited project will maximize the amount of solar energy your system can generate.

A solar system is more than just solar panels

Velo’s solar engineers will determine how many solar panels you need as well as which inverter, racking system, and other components will best serve your needs and your budget.

They’ll then tailor the layout of the solar panels and system components to create a solution that maximizes generation potential.

It’s a big step to invest in solar. We’ll make sure you get the most out of your system!

Velo takes a different approach from others in the solar industry

The EPC approach lacks the flexibility customers demand

Most solar companies offer customers turnkey solar energy systems that allow for very little customization. This approach is called EPC, or engineering, procurement, and construction and it’s a great way to tackle a solar project if you want to invest in the complete package all at once.

With an EPC solar company, every commercial customer selects from a menu of very specific packages. Think of it like a value meal – you get the burger, the fries, and the Coke. The only real choice you get is small, medium, or large.

There is no a la carte menu with EPC. You can’t pick and choose the services you want – you have to take the whole package.

We firmly believe that this is not the best way to help customers become solar asset owners, so we take a consultative, design-build approach that is unique in the solar industry.

yellow helmet on top of the solar panel

Why Velo loves design-build

Design-build is a flexible approach to designing and building commercial solar power projects. It allows the customer to have control over what they buy and when.

If you want to do a feasibility study this year, our engineers can do that.

If you want to start by understanding how much solar capacity you really need, our PowerEnfo software can tell you.

If you want to do a feasibility study, go through the design and engineering process, and have your system installed all at once, you guessed it. We can do that too.

Lastly, we support developers with regional specialization, utility knowledge and land management services at the early, middle and late stages of projects.

Design-build allows you to order a la carte!

Design-build is cost-effective

With this flexible approach to solar installation services, you’ll save time and control your expenditures based on what works best for your company. If you only have the resources for step one, we’ll partner with you to complete step one.

When more resources are available, we’ll be there for the next steps.

This more flexible approach allows us to customize our offering to better fit the needs of our customers.

Put our engineering expertise and design-build approach to work for you.

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