Monday Night
Brewing: The Garage

C A S E  S T U D Y

An Atlanta brewery turns to solar to meet its sustainability goals.

In 2017, Monday Night Brewing opened its second location in the historic West End of Atlanta. They call it The Garage and it’s home to the company’s barrel-aging and souring brewery.

Key Features of the site

  • 3 separate barrel aging rooms and a coolship.

  • A taproom that serves artisanal handcrafted pizzas and more than 20 different beers on tap.

  • A large private events space.

Primary Solar Goals

The beer brewing process is energy intensive, with most of the business’ electricity being used for refrigeration, packaging, and compressed air. Monday Night Brewing wanted a solar array that would reduce the environmental impact of its business. They also were looking for:

  1. Worry-free clean energy.
  2. The ability to produce carbon free power that would help the company meet its sustainability goals

The Solution

A 45kW PV rooftop array that reduces the location’s energy use by 70MWh per year.

Velo provided full design, engineering, procurement, construction, and project management for the installation of the rooftop solar array.

Velo provides ongoing operations and maintenance.

The solar array was financed through a power purchase agreement (PPA).

The Results

  • The commercial solar array provides energy and carbon offsets.

  • With the PPA agreement, Monday Night Brewing was cash flow positive from day one.

  • The Garage’s event space is powered 100% by the rooftop solar array, benefiting the environment, the company, and its customers.

powered 100%

by the rooftop solar array

Project Specifications

  • System Size

    45 kW

  • Annual Energy Savings

    70 MWh

  • Equivalent Number of Homes Powered
    for 1 Year


  • Total Number of Panels


  • Panel Type

    Axitec 410w Solar Modules

  • Inverter Type

    (1) SolarEdge 43kW

  • Energy Storage


  • PowerEnfo Solar System Monitoring


  • Velo Operations and Maintenance



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