C A S E  S T U D Y

Seachem was one of Velo Solar earliest projects completed in 2010 and demonstrating the innovative nature of solar.

Committed to improving water quality in the aquarium and water treatment industries, solar was a natural fit for reducing the environmental impacts of their business.

After a decade of successful operation of their first solar project, Seachem approached Velo to expand their system and take advantage of GA Power’s Monthly Netting Pilot Program.

This allowed Seachem to more than double the size of their solar system while cutting the ROI by two-thirds including the original system.

Site Features

The Solution

Velo provided full design, engineering, procurement and construction of the PV rooftop array, project management, and ongoing operations and maintenance.

The Results

Phase 1:

  • System Size

    100 kW

  • Annual Energy Savings

    175 MWh

  • Projected Minimum Electric Bill Savings
    (over 30 years)

    $1.80 M

Phase 2:

  • System Size

    250 kW

  • Annual Energy Savings

    285 kWh

  • Projected Minimum Electric Bill Savings
    (over 30 years)

    $2.6 M


Homes Powered for 1 year


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