The Solar Energy Systems Process

Solar Energy Systems Process

Day-one energy savings in as little as six weeks.

The monthly utility bills won’t stop coming, but what if you could reduce them within two billing cycles? Velo helps you do just that – we’ll get your solar system running in as little as six weeks. The best part? You start saving money the very first day it’s online.

These steps make our solar projects simple

solar energy systems process

1. Site review and energy analysis

Velo Solar experts will meet with you on your property to assess whether solar is right for you. From the start, we are there to answer all your questions and address any concerns. We’ll calculate your energy needs and do a thorough site evaluation. We’ll also inspect your roof size, shading, and condition, review the property’s electrical layout and determine your energy offset levels.

Then, we prepare your customized quote that includes complete system specifications based on your unique site characteristics and projected energy savings.

2. Solar System Design and Estimate

A Velo Solar NABCEP-Certified PV Installation Professional will return for a closer look at your roof and take precise measurements. We then design a scalable solar power system based on your unique site characteristics and your energy needs. Every element of a Velo-designed system will be sourced from trusted, reliable companies we have scrutinized and can vouch for.

3. Incentives and Financing Options

Capture your ROI in as few as 3 years

With solar, you can recoup your investment quickly. On average, it’s three to five years and steadily dropping. Factor in renewable energy financing designed to fit your budget – plus attractive energy tax credits – and a new solar system could be closer than you think.


Many states now offer incentive programs to increase solar use (along with other sustainable energy sources) including:

  • Sell unused energy back to the grid
  • Receive subsidies and tax incentives to offset the costs of your solar array
  • Take advantage of six-year accelerated depreciation
  • Obtain low interest loans and special financing

Did You Know? A 30% federal tax credit is available to offset your installation cost, and other programs may be available in your area to provide even more savings.

Financing Options

The Velo Solar team will work with you to identify the right renewable energy financing solution for your solar system. Businesses typically have three options:

Cash Purchases Solar Loans PPower Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
Cash is the simplest way to invest in a solar energy system and provides the fastest return on investment. We require a minimal deposit, and payments are made in installments throughout the installation process. Velo Solar maintains relationships with banks and other lending institutions that offer competitive solar financing. Our lenders understand the value of solar investments and will work with you on a comfortable solar financing plan that fits your budget. PPAs provide third-party ownership options that allow you to install a solar energy system with little or no upfront cost. We install and maintain (and own) the system. You only pay for the electricity your solar system produces. The monthly payment is typically lower per kilowatt ($/kWh) than you pay on your current utility bill.

Contracts and Warranties

Your contract spells out all the project details and provides warranties on your solar system. At this point, we’ll help you with all the required paperwork for financing and other incentives you can tap to keep your costs as low as possible.

4. Engineer, Order Materials, Install

Most solar panel system installations are finished in just a few weeks. Our NABCEP-Certified Solar PV engineers handle every aspect of your installation including all stamped drawings, permits, installation and inspections.

5. Power Up

Once the utility company approves the installation, we flip the switch and verify production so your business starts running on clean, renewable energy on day one. And you can monitor your production in real time by using our energy monitoring software, PowerEnfo.

6. Quality Assurance

Your system is up and running and we’ve set up your PowerEnfo energy monitoring service. Now, we follow up to do a final thorough quality assurance check and establish your ongoing O+M schedule.

7. Ongoing System Maintenance

Velo Solar makes sure you understand from the outset what to expect from your solar system. And we stay with you to be sure it meets those expectations. Most systems require very little maintenance and we will help you handle any unforeseen issues that occur.

  • Provide PowerEnfo reports & alerts
  • Conduct scheduled operations maintenance
  • Handle warranties

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