Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month

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As we work our way through Women’s History Month, we at Velo Solar strive to lift women up, shining a bright light on all of the hard work they do and the impacts they are making.

We are huge supporters of SEIA, and Abby Hopper’s tireless work to encourage, promote and engage women.

We proudly support The Sunnyside, a podcast for impactful women in the solar industry.

We further support a networking group we helped to form called InPower{ED} Women, allowing women in the solar, renewables and utility spaces in the Metro Atlanta area to make connections, mentor others and broaden relationships among these groups.

With that spirit in mind, we’d also like to share this article, showcasing women from all over the world, who are working tirelessly to create change.

We salute you!

Article @ Reuters by Terry Slavin and Karen Luckhurst

Abigail Ross Hopper Infographic