About VeloSolar

When Mark co-founded Velo’s parent company, Empower Energy Technology, we initially set up shop selling commercial grade generators, intent on making sure our customers never found themselves without power. Always striving to keep our clients powered up, we quickly saw an opportunity to provide renewable, reliable energy production solutions through solar PV and to monitor their energy in real-time by developing our proprietary PowerEnfo smart grid software.

So we created two separate businesses – Velo Solar and PowerEnfo. This way we could help our customers produce energy, plus monitor and measure not only their energy production, but also their energy consumption.

Entries by VeloSolar

IATSE Atlanta Launch

Velo Solar (VeloSolar.com), a leading commercial solar installer in the Southeastern US, announces the launch of a new commercial solar system installation at IATSE Local 479’s Atlanta, Georgia facilities. IATSE […]