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100% Renewable Energy + Up to 70% Energy Savings = RePowering Your Business for the Future.

Why spend more money on expensive utility bills than you have to? With a solar energy system, you won’t. Business use of solar photovoltaics (PV) has taken off over the last decade. With commercial solar installation costs dropping 75% and ROI payback periods now averaging only three to five years, it’s easy to see why.

Installing solar PV technology and energy storage is a smart business decision. And today’s smart businesses are increasingly taking advantage of it. You’ll reap the benefits right away by cutting monthly utility expenses and reinvesting the savings where your business needs it most.

Improve your operations, help the environment and enhance your bottom-line.

Velo Solar Services

Benefits of Solar


  • Protect your business from rising utility rates
  • Increase your property value
  • Tap into utility solar buyback programs and incentives
  • Capture a positive return on investment in 3-5 years


  • Meet your corporate sustainability goals
  • Earn LEED points and other energy credits
  • Decrease fossil fuel dependence
  • Reduce your environmental impact


  • Demonstrate your commitment to energy innovation
  • Benefit from reliable system performance for 20+ years
  • Put your energy savings back to your bottom line
  • Harness the fuel-free power of the sun

Our Process

Evaluation and Design

Velo’s solar experts will evaluate your businesses energy use, building configurations, financial needs and sustainability goals to design the right system for your needs. Typical timeline = 3-4 weeks.

Engineering and Permitting

Velo’s operational team will take your project from contract to completion managing all aspects of engineering, local building and electrical permitting and coordination with your utility to ensure a stress-free build. Typical timeline = 6-8 weeks.

Testing and Commissioning

Velo will inspect your system for proper installation and then work with your AHJ and Utility to conduct all necessary inspections and tests to ensure proper code compliance and system operation. Typical timeline = 1-2 weeks.

Operations and Maintenance

Velo’s industry leading (O&M) team will take it from here and make sure that your system operates at peak performance. Typical timeline = Ongoing To learn more about O&M click here: (link to O&M page)



Velo provides holistic, turn-key energy solutions for any size business. We also design custom resiliency and micro-grid systems for local governments and unique residential projects.