Manheim NY Metro Skyline

C A S E  S T U D Y

254 kW

System Size

3 Years

ROI Payback Period


Annual Energy Savings


Manheim NY Metro Skyline posed a particular challenge with numerous rooftops, which varied in type and quality. This required a unique engineering effort to adapt to the differing conditions while maintaining consistent production quality. The Velo design team rose to the occasion with a singular adaptation that offered best results from each rooftop.

And in addition to the solar array, Velo deployed our patented energy monitoring system, PowerEnfo, to monitor energy consumption of every type used on the site. This not only assures top performance from Velo’s solar design, but also allows real-time tracking that ensures top performance from each rooftop while it encourages and rewards employees for reducing energy consumption.


  1. Three or less Return on Investment
  2. Reduce energy expense
  3. Demonstrate sustainability commitment
  4. Reduce carbon footprint
  5. Increase employee awareness and encourage participation in sustainability goals

Velo Solar provided us with a professional, well-executed, turnkey solar energy solution. Any issues that came up were handled directly and rapidly. I would not hesitate to recommend Velo to anyone considering a large scale solar installation.

Greg Morin CEO, Seachem Laboratories Inc.


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