Energy Storage

Take full-control of your solar energy.

The sun only shines during the day (well except the Arctic summer) but with a custom, energy storage system you can harness the power of your solar system day or night. Also, create peace-of-mind in the case of a power outage by integrating energy storage with your solar array. Velo Solar has decades of experience designing custom energy storage solutions from data centers, to off-grid homes and even organic farms.


Energy Storage

Energy Resiliency

The Situation

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

The current COVID-19 outbreak is providing an object lesson about what it means for business to be resilient — as individuals and organizations, as well as in infrastructure and supply chains.

Energy Resiliency

The Need

Business can no longer assume that our systems, support structures and government agencies are capable and prepared to deal with wide-spread emergency, disaster and social disturbances.  The businesses that continue to succeed and grow will be those that can rapidly adapt, continuously improve and evolve in face of unforeseen challenges. We understand the vital role that energy plays in our everyday lives and we can help your business ensure you are never without power whether your utility can provide it, or not. 

The Solution

This is where Velo comes in and brings decades of expertise in critical backup systems, renewable energy, battery storage, micro-grids and energy efficiency to power today’s business. We will work with your team, vendors, suppliers and partners to develop a customized Energy Resiliency and Continuity Plan for your business.

We are small business owner’s ourselves, and so we naturally bring a pragmatic, economic/budget reality filter to our solutions. We can save you money today while helping you prepare for the unexpected in the future. 

Why Velo

Velo brings over 100 years of combined engineering, solar design and renewable systems construction expertise that can help any business big or small understand and adapt its power needs.

Empower, Velo’s parent company, was founded in 2007 to create backup and recovery procedures with emergency power systems for large facilities,” he said. “By incorporating additional resiliency options, including solar generation, battery storage, and micro-grid capability, we have taken the legacy of Empower’s mission into our new era.

Our Approach

  1. We begin by learning your unique business and understand your energy, resources and technology needs. 
  2. Then, we develop a custom Energy Resiliency and Continuity (ERC) Plan that prepares your business for rapid adaptation at the event horizon. This plan looks at your total daily energy needs along with disaster and emergency needs. 
  3. Third, we help you secure the systems, and equipment necessary to ensure you business is Energy Ready for whatever the future holds. 

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