Sunny Days Ahead: What Velo Solar is Looking Forward to in 2021

A new year is finally here—and the Velo Solar family is thrilled to celebrate this fresh new page with you! 2021 marks the arrival of some seriously exciting news to feel good about, including strides in the world of solar that can be felt close to home and all around the globe. Just read on to see some of the stories and events we’re loving so far.

A renewed commitment to renewables

As solar pros passionate about the environment, we here at Velo Solar have always supported renewable energy initiatives—and are extremely excited to see our national government do the same! This January, one of President Biden’s first executive orders was to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, an international agreement whose central goals include limiting global temperature increases and facilitating climate resilience.

The meaningful gesture represents a renewed commitment to a more sustainable future, of which solar power and other energy sources are a crucial part. President Biden also announced a plan to invest $2 trillion in climate progress—from infrastructure to conservation and more—with solar jobs expected to grow in the years ahead to meet our country’s growing demand for clean, renewable energy. That’s something we can all feel good about.

A look ahead at the Tokyo Olympics

We are looking forward to watching the most talented athletes compete on the world stage during the Tokyo Olympics! While we would be watching anyway (especially the cycling portions— Mark, Velo Solar’s president, is a major cycling connoisseur himself!), we are especially excited to get an up-close glimpse of Tokyo during the games. Japan is one of the world’s leading solar power players—and despite its dense population, the country has found innovative ways to maximize its solar potential, including one-of-a-kind floating solar plants and abandoned golf courses-turned-solar power plants!

Small steps with a big impact

We love to see such exciting solar news happening on the national and international level—but here at home, at your very own business, you can proudly play your own part in shaping the solar movement. Not only does switching to solar help you reduce your environmental impact, but it can also help you see a tangible ROI in an average of three to five years after installation.

As your go-to Atlanta solar panels pros, Velo Solar is always encouraged to see solar power make the news (and make an impact!). Stay tuned as we share more feel-good updates from the field of solar and to learn how we can help solve your commercial solar needs with ease in 2021 and beyond.