The Solar Installation Process for Your Business

Solar Installation

Integrating solar into your business’ current energy system can be one of the best decisions you ever make as a business owner. It’s not only cost-effective and sustainable, but it’s industrious and incredibly easy to manage. In fact, we’ve consistently seen the ROI of using solar in as few as 3-5 years. The process of installation ranges from finding a suitable company to take you through the steps, to the physical installation itself, and then how to harness the solar energy you’ll be producing.

Velo Solar is a leader in the commercial solar installation industry. As one of the only firms with an all engineer management team, we’re confident that our company has found the key to simplifying and maximizing the solar installation process. Today we’ll guide you through that process ourselves.

Step One: Analysis

Velo conducts a cost/benefit analysis on your business. We’ll come to your site, with no hassle to you so your daily operations can remain stable, and while we’re there we’ll determine what system will be optimal for your energy requirements. We want to be sure you’re not spending more money, or an excess of energy, so we see to it that your system utilizes only the energy it’ll need. We’re also more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have for your big project!

Step Two: Design

After the initial meeting, a Velo Solar NABCEP-Certified PV Installation Professional will come back to your establishment and take specific measurements of your roof to prepare for the installation. This is when we’ll design the fully customized solar power system for your business’ unique characteristics.

Step Three: Financing

Now it’s time to figure out the best financing plan for your new solar power system. The team at Velo will walk you through the incentive offerings from the state, and help guide you through the three financing options that are open to most business owners, including cash purchases, solar loans, and power purchase agreements (PPAs). We’ll also provide some insight into the contracts and warranties available to you. It’s our goal to ensure your new system is set up accurately, efficiently, and as cost effective for you as possible.

Step Four: Engineering

Now you can see your vision begin to take shape. Our NABCEP-Certified Solar PV engineer will handle all permits, drawings, installation, and inspections once we engineer your new solar panels. We handle everything for you so you can rest assured your project is in good hands.

Learn more about our Commercial Solar Engineering Services.

Step Five: Flip the Switch

Once the installation phase is complete and the utility company approves the installation, we turn the system on and immediately begin tracking your production. We’ll handle any immediate troubleshooting that might arise, but we’re confident your business will begin to run on clean, renewable energy from day one. Velo Solar also offers our self-engineered energy monitoring software, PowerEnfo, that allows you to monitor your solar production in real time.

Step Six: Quality Assurance

Once the installation phase is complete and your system is running smoothly, we’ll do another quality assurance inspection to make sure everything is perfect. We are committed to making sure your business is operating at optimal solar capacity, based on your design in the beginning phases.

Step Seven: Ongoing Maintenance

Velo is committed to making sure you’re satisfied with your system. We’ll continue to be available to you to handle any unforeseen issues that occur. Velo will also provide PowerEnfo reports and alerts, conduct scheduled operations and maintenance, and handle warranties for you. Once we enter into an agreement in the very beginning we become your solar partner, committed to making your system work to and exceed your expectations.

The Benefits:

There are ample benefits to choosing solar for your business. Financially, you protect yourself from rising utility rates by not being completely reliant on the grid, you increase your property value, you capture positive ROI in just 3 to 5 years, among other incentives and financial reductions. Environmentally, your corporate sustainability needs can either take off altogether or increase from where they already stand. Of course, one of the largest impacts would be the decrease in your dependence on fossil fuels and reduce your environmental impact. One of the best benefits of your investment, in addition to having your system essentially pay for itself, and for the sustainable actions you’ll take toward the environment, is the fact that your system will continue to operate for 20+ years.

Going solar is a worthy, lasting investment you can make for your business as well as the environment. By making the commitment with us to make the world a little cleaner, to incentivize our state to support these systems, and to benefit from the energy savings your new solar power system will yield, you make your business a little more sustainable. Give us a call to see if solar is right for your business!