Top 5 Reasons to Choose Solar on Your Next Commercial Project

Solar Commercial

During the summertime and all year long, sunshine helps fuel pool fun and backyard picnics—but did you know that those warm, sunny rays can also form one of the most powerful tools for your business, too?

At Velo Solar, we help you harness the power of solar energy to keep your commercial building running smoothly and reduce your operating budget. Read on to see five key reasons to choose solar energy on your next commercial project in Atlanta and the surrounding area.

Serious energy savings

Great things happen when businesses can save without sacrificing on quality products and services. This is exactly how solar energy can transform your bottom line—by making a simple addition of solar to traditional energy, businesses can enjoy up to 70 percent energy savings. From regular operational costs to heating and cooling needs (as a temperature humid subtropical climate, Atlanta sees extremes of hot, wet summers and cold winters alike), the benefits of going solar can be observed month after month, year after year, long beyond initial installation.

A positive ROI, sooner than you might think

Investing in solar may be more affordable than you first thought! Installation costs in this industry have dropped 75 percent over the last decade—and here at Velo Solar, we always strive to find the most cost-effective, affordable solutions for the companies and communities we serve. You will likely start seeing your ROI payback in as soon as three to five years, on average, so it won’t be long before your business is economically empowered by this simple yet powerful switch.

The bottom line? When planning for the future of your business, solar energy is a step in the right, bright direction.

Serving the environment through the power of sunshine

There are opportunities for every industry to make sustainable, eco-friendly changes for the environment—from restaurants discontinuing plastic straws and packaging, to manufacturers making large-scale switches to the assembly line. Fortunately, switching to solar energy is an across-the-board benefit that can help business of all shapes, sizes and types contribute to environmental efforts. Lower your dependence on fossil fuels and help keep your community (and the globe) as healthy as possible by making this essential next step.

Fortify your reputation as a company that cares

As today’s consumers are making eco-conscious changes to their routines, so too should the businesses that serve them. This can give your company a competitive edge—according to research from the New York University Center for Sustainable Business, consumers are increasingly likely to spend their money on sustainable companies.

Help establish your company as a reputable, environmentally friendly member of the community by switching to solar and making other positive choices.

Custom solutions and long-term confidence

We know that every business is different—and so is every commercial building! At Velo Solar, we don’t rely on one-size-fits-all solutions for your solar needs; instead, we can custom-craft energy options to suit your specific needs.

For example, while working with Atlanta retailer Green’s Beer & Wine, we faced the challenge of an unconventionally shaped roof and multiple obstructions—but out team of engineers was able to successfully craft a system design which maximized the space for ultimate efficiency, going on to save the store $12,000 per year. (You can read more about our case studies here.) This attention to custom detail, plus regular monitoring options with our proprietary PowerEnfo smart grid software, allows us to deliver meaningful results to your commercial project.

Now that you know some of the big benefits behind solar energy, let Velo Solar guide you to your next steps! Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to working with you as you make positive changes for your business, the environment and beyond.