Velo Solar Create Solar Installation for New Realm Brewing

New Realm Brewing Team

40-kilowatt rooftop array will avoid more than 42 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year

New Realm Brewing located in Poncey-Highland has partnered with local solar installer Velo Solar to create a distinctive, money-saving energy source for the popular intown destination.

In keeping with its commitment to smart energy management and sustainability, New Realm will cut its utility bills by 10 – 20 percent. Use of the on-site solar energy from the 40 kW rooftop array will shrink New Realm’s environmental footprint by more than 42 metric tons of CO2 annually.

Headquartered in Atlanta’s Inman Park, Velo Solar is making a name for itself for innovative approaches to solar deployment. The New Realm array embodies that inventive spirit. New Realm is also known for its imaginative approach to brewing, which takes its craft to new frontiers.

New Realm Brewing TeamMark Bell, President of Velo Solar, said he is proud to apply Velo Solar’s technical expertise to New Realm’s forward-thinking approach to its operations.

“I’ve been a fan of New Realm’s atmosphere and craft brew since it opened,” Bell said. “The team at Velo Solar is delighted to help them reach a new level of efficiency and sustainability.”

New Realm Co-Founder and CCO Bob Powers said the solar installation is another aspect of the company’s dedication to leadership in its operations as well as its craft. He shares Velo Solar’s dedication to excellence and creative capability.

“When designing our space and choosing materials and equipment, we tried to be good stewards of the environment,” Powers said. “The Velo Solar panels will complement existing energy initiatives in place such as the vapor condenser on our 25hl brewhouse, LED lighting, Hexalith ceramic tile floors, and the energy-saving variable frequency drives.”

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