Solar Energy Systems (EPC)

Solar Panel Solutions

Let us design the perfect solar system for your business.

Every business’s circumstances are unique, no matter what kind of property you have, Velo Solar will create a solar array that reflects your business goals. Rooftop, ground-mount, canopy – or a combination – you’ll have a system that fits, backed by optional operations and maintenance (O+M) programs and our PowerEnfo energy monitoring software.

Solar Roof Mounted


If your roof characteristics prove to be less than ideal for solar, a ground mount system is a great option for solar due to their flexibility, scalability and investment potential.

Solar Ground Mounted


Rooftop systems are a great use of otherwise unproductive space. We’ll assess the type and condition of your roof structure, conduct a sun exposure shade analysis and determine whether your location is a good candidate for solar.

Solar Canopy


Let your parking lots, walkways or outdoor pedestrian areas perform double duty by generating power as they provide shelter from the elements. We can even add EV charging stations under solar canopies offering an appealing and functional amenity for drivers who need a boost.

How Solar Works

  1. Solar panels capture and convert the sun’s energy into DC energy.
  2. An inverter changes the DC energy into AC energy.
  3. The AC power travels from the inverter to the main panel board for use in your facility.
  4. The electricity meter records the produced energy as well as the additional energy required to power your facility.
  5. Any surplus solar electricity you generate is automatically sold back to your utility provider.
How Solar Works

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