The Time for Resiliency is Now

commercial solar microgrid new orleans

The pain and suffering of the people of New Orleans and southern Louisiana is severe and unfortunately all too familiar. Our hearts go out to those and their families impacted by Hurricane Ida. While the levees thankfully held the water back unlike Katrina, the devastation is still significant and the recovery will be long and arduous.

Ida also laid bare the reality that our electrical grid is aging and isn’t as reliable to withstand these extreme events as we wish it were. The decision by elected officials, regulators and utility executives in LA exacerbated this suffering by limiting consumers’ abilities to protect themselves.

So, how do we protect our businesses from these unforeseen, unfortunate and all the more frequent extreme events? One word, Resiliency – we need backups to our backups, ‘redundancy’ in scenario planning vernacular.

Thankfully, the technological solutions necessary to achieve this resiliency are available today, and with the current low interest rates, more financially attractive than ever. This affordable housing project is just one example of how resiliency can benefit businesses, developers and homeowners at the same time.

Since 2007, Empower and Velo have been in the business of helping customers plan for the unthinkable, creating custom commercial solar energy systems, with battery storage and generator (micro-grids) to protect their businesses’ critical electrical systems for whatever nature throws their way. We also monitor and maintain these systems for them to ensure when the grid goes out, they won’t.

Ask your local elected officials, neighbors, colleagues what they are doing to help protect your cities, businesses, homes from similar events. If they don’t have a good answer, tell them to call us.

Every commercial recommendation that leads to a contract will earn that customer a free Sonnen Core (5kWh) home battery system.

Stay safe by being prepared!